Frequently asked questions

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What’s a Valk Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard is a gift card that can be used at any of the Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants. The Valk Giftcard is the modern version of a gift voucher and looks like a credit card, with a magnetic strip on the back and a barcode on which the credit/value can be topped up. A gift card is much more personal and unique than an envelope with money in it.

At which hotels can you spend the Valk Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard can be used at all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants around the world.

Do I have to spend all the credit of the Valk Giftcard in one go?

The benefit of a Valk Giftcard is that the credit does not have to be redeemed in one go. The remaining balance remains on the card. The balance on the gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

What can you spend the Valk Giftcard on?

The card can be spent on anything offered at a Van der Valk Hotel/Restaurant. For example, you may use it for a delicious dinner, a luxurious overnight stay, or a relaxing wellness package.

Where can I activate the Valk Giftcard?

If the gift card was purchased online, you can activate it at 

If the Valk Giftcard was purchased at one of our hotels, the card is already activated and valid for use.


I haven’t received my gift card. What can I do?

If you haven’t received your Valk Giftcard, you can do the following:


  1. Check to see if PostNL is experiencing any delays:
  2. Send us an email at Please mention your order number.
How can I redeem the Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard can be used both physically and online at your favorite Van der Valk Hotel.

How long is the Valk Giftcard valid?

The gift card is valid for 5 years from the order date.

I haven’t received an activation code. What can I do?

If you haven’t received an activation code, please check your spam inbox. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us at

What is the maximum value of a Valk Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard can have a value of any price between €5 and €250. You can order a maximum of 25 cards at once. If you’d like to order more, you’ll have to follow the ordering process again.

What is the delivery time for orders?

PostNL is responsible for sending the gift card and usually delivers within three working days. Please consider 3-5 working days for shipping within Europe and 3-8 working days for shipping elsewhere in the world.