Are you currently planning your next stay at the perfect Van der Valk hotel? Then look no further, because on this page we present a comprehensive overview of all Van der Valk hotels, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Whether you are looking for a short weekend break to escape from the daily routine, or just need a casual overnight stay for your trip, we have the perfect hotel for you.

You may prefer the vibrant atmosphere of a hotel located close to a city, giving you easy access to all the cultural highlights and attractions the area has to offer. Or perhaps you long for the serene calm of a hotel located in the middle of nature, where you can enjoy green landscapes and wonderful outdoor activities.


And how about hotels located in close proximity to important places for events? Or hotels that excel in luxurious wellness facilities, allowing you to fully relax and experience pampering during your stay? At Van der Valk, we offer a variety of options, so you can choose what best suits your needs.

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Whether you have already made your choice or are still in doubt, we warmly invite you to book with us and enjoy the unparalleled hospitality and service that Van der Valk has to offer. Your dream stay is just a few clicks away. Book today and let us make your stay unforgettable!

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