Breakfast at Van der Valk

A good start to the day begins with a delicious and extensive breakfast. As a hotel guest you can opt for breakfast with your stay, but you can also have breakfast at Van der Valk without an overnight stay. Every day you can join the Live Cooking breakfast buffet where you can enjoy hot and cold dishes. For example, eggs or pancakes will be baked for you. You will also find luxury breads, fresh croissants and other sweet breads. Would you prefer a lighter breakfast? Then there are various yogurts, cereals and fresh fruits on the buffet. Dietary requirements and allergies have also been taken into account. For example, there are various gluten-free and soy products available.

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Prefer a small breakfast at Van der Valk?

Of course you can also enjoy a smaller breakfast. At various Van der Valk hotels you can use the à la carte breakfast menu. This way you can compose your own breakfast according to your own wishes. A delicious cup of coffee and a fresh croissant with jam or a freshly squeezed orange and a yogurt bowl with granola and fresh fruits. The breakfast menu is very diverse and suitable for any type of breakfast. Ideal if you are not a big eater or if you want a quick breakfast.

Brunch at Van der Valk

Are you a late riser or do you want to enjoy brunch with the family? Then a delicious brunch is provided at Van der Valk during the weekends. Here you will find the perfect combination between breakfast and lunch. The Live Cooking Brunch buffet is everything you may expect from Van der Valk. Various dishes both hot and cold and the children are also taken into account here. For example, let your children taste the different world dishes together with Timo Toekan or let them enjoy the normal buffet. Come and enjoy brunch or breakfast together at Van der Valk.

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