E-Chopper at Van der Valk

Totally relaxed exploring the surroundings of your favourite Van der Valk Hotel? Get on the E-Chopper; the electric scooter 2.0. More and more Van der Valk Hotels have this scooter, inspired by an American lowrider. A tough appearance, comfortable and above all great fun!

Out and about!

Are you always looking forward to it? A wonderful night at a Van der Valk hotel, enjoying a full breakfast and then going on an adventure. Whether you prefer a beautiful city or a special nature area, there is always plenty to do. Our hotels offer the best facilities for a carefree and safe trip, such as fine bicycles or e-bikes. More and more locations are adding a new, and already immediately popular means of transport: the E-Chopper!

About the E-Chopper

With its thick tyres and high handlebars, the E-Chopper is a flashy appearance, you may have already seen them pass by. So our tip for your next stay is to experience it for yourself! The E-Chopper is an electric moped, so you need a moped certificate or driving licence B to use it to travel the most beautiful routes. With the maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour, you can comfortably ride past places of interest in the area and with a full battery the E-Chopper can cover up to 50 kilometres.

On the road by yourself

Do you like the idea of an E-Chopper? Combine it with a nice stay at one of the Van der Valk Hotels. We gladly refer you to the specific hotel websites to check whether E-Chopper trips are available. Don't forget to pick up a nice itinerary at reception, that way all you have to do is enjoy yourself along the way. After the tour, join us at one of our restaurants and toast to a fantastic day!

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