Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Valk Loyal program? View the most frequently asked questions about the Valk Loyal program below. Is your question not listed? Please contact loyal@valkinternet.nl

What is Valk Loyal?
Valk Loyal is an online loyalty program used by the Van der Valk Hotels. Only online bookings that you make through our websites with your Valk Account are covered by the Valk Loyal benefits and can be seen in your Valk Account.

How do I create a Valk Account?
Go to https://www.valkverrast.nl/valk-loyal. Click the orange button "Register a Valk Account" at the bottom of the page. Enter your personal details and click on "Create Valk Account". After registering you will receive an email that your Valk Account has been successfully created.

I have made a booking offline (by phone, e-mail or directly) and would like to have it linked to my Valk Account. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, it is technically not possible to link an offline reservation to your Valk Account. Therefor you will not receive a Loyal credit on offline reservations. To take advantage of the benefits of a Valk Account, you can make a new reservation with your Valk Account and cancel the old offline reservation.

I forgot to use Loyal credit during my reservation. Can I use this later?
It is possible to use your Loyal credit if you have not yet paid in advance. Up to 24 hours before arrival you will have the option to prepay your reservation in your Valk Account. You can find the reservation under "Current reservations". The prepayment buttons will no longer be displayed within 24 hours of arrival.

Can a booking be canceled if Loyal credit has been used?
Yes that is possible. You can cancel your reservation in your Valk Account. The Loyal credit is automatically refunded to your Valk Account when you cancel the reservation. This can take up to 1 hour before this is visible in your account. With Non Refundable reservations, the Loyal credit is not refunded.

I have created a Valk Account. Can I already use the benefits of the Valk Account at the first reservation?
Yes, after creating the Valk Account you can immediately use the benefits of your Valk Account with your first reservation. You can only use the benefits of a Valk Account if the reservation has been booked online via your Valk Account.

I first made a reservation and then created a Valk Account. I would like my reservation to be linked to my account. How is that possible?
For this you need to send an email to loyal@valkinternet.nl with your reservation number and email address to which your Valk Account is linked. We can then link your reservation to your Valk Account. The Valk Account must be created before the check-in date of the reservation, otherwise the reservation can no longer be linked to the Valk Account.

I have not received a Loyal credit.
Has your reservation been an offline reservation? You will not save any Loyal credit on this.

I received less Loyal credit than I would actually receive.
You will receive € 5 credit per night for overnight stays. Is your reservation a promotional rate, non refundable, last minute or package? Then you save € 2.50 p.p. on the entire stay. You do not save a loyal credit on corporate reservations.

I have already made several reservations that were already checked out before I had a Valk Account. Can these reservations be added to my Valk Account?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to add reservations that were checked out before creating the Valk Account. In addition, it is also not possible to receive Loyal credit on these reservations.

How long is the Valk Loyal credit valid?
You will receive the Loyal credit after your stay and an e-mail with the amount of the saved credit.

I forgot my password.
You can change your password via https://www.valkverrast.nl/en/my-valk-account/log-in/doAction/forgotPassword. Please don't create a new account. It is not possible to merge accounts, so the credit of your old account will be lost.