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General information

What is the difference between Van der Valk and Valk Exclusive?

Van der Valk refers to the entire hotel chain, while Valk Exclusive is the umbrella brand for 42 Van der Valk hotels and restaurants. However, both brands belong to the same family and offer excellent facilities and services.

How many Van der Valk hotels are there?

There are more than 100 Van der Valk hotels, mainly in the Netherlands, but also in other countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and even the Caribbean. 

What is Van der Valk's newest hotel?

Van der Valk's newest hotel is Hotel Spa. Located in the heart of the town of Spa of the same name, this 4-star hotel is directly connected to the Thermes de Spa via a private cable car. Hotel Spa has several rooms in various categories, from comfortable rooms to spacious suites, a restaurant, a bar, a heated outdoor terrace, several meeting rooms and wonderful wellness and fitness facilities.

What is the oldest Van der Valk hotel?

The oldest Van der Valk hotel is the Hotel De Gouden Leeuw. The family business began when Nicholaas van der Valk bought farmhouse de Gouden Leeuw. This iconic hotel has a rich history and is the first Van der Valk hotel ever. It is hotel is therefore a must-visit for lovers of history and hospitality in the Netherlands!

What is the smallest Van der Valk hotel?

The smallest Van der Valk hotel in the Netherlands is Van der Valk Hotel Hardegarijp-Leeuwarden. Hotel Hardegarijp-Leeuwarden has 32 hotel rooms and everything in this hotel is about hospitality and your comfort. Enjoy a homely atmosphere and personal service. Discover the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the luxurious rooms and facilities of this hotel. 


How can I cancel at Van der Valk?

To cancel your reservation at Van der Valk, you can simply go to your reservations overview and view, change or cancel the necessary details there. We recommend that you carefully review the cancellation policy to avoid unexpected situations.

How long in advance can I cancel a reservation at Van der Valk?

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. The exact check-in time varies per hotel, so please check the specific hotel's conditions for more details.


Can I have brunch at Van der Valk?

Yes you can! At Van der Valk, you can enjoy a delicious brunch experience. Come and enjoy an extensive Sunday brunch together with friends and/or family in attractive surroundings. Van der Valk restaurants are known for delicious dishes and we would love to welcome you for an enjoyable brunch.

How long does brunch last at Van der Valk?

A brunch at Van der Valk usually lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. This gives you enough time to enjoy a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes. Drinks are usually included, so you can dine in peace and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

How much does brunch cost at Van der Valk?

The cost of a bruch at Van der Valk can vary by location and day. On average, prices are around €20 and €30 per person. It is always wise to contact the specific establishment in advance to find out the exact prices. Enjoy a delicious brunch experience at Van der Valk!


What is the Van der Valk Dinner Deal?

The Van der Valk Dinner Deal is a culinary package where you get an overnight stay and dinner. The next morning, you can enjoy an extensive breakfast. Book now and enjoy a complete experience at Van der Valk!

What are the dining options at Van der Valk?

Van der Valk offers many options when it comes to dining. At most hotels, you have the following options for dinner:

  • 3-course choice menu;
  • à la carte dining;
  • Live Cooking dinner.

Besides a wide range of fish and meat dishes, there is also plenty of choice for vegetarians and children!

How much does a Live Cooking dinner at Van der Valk cost?

With a Live Cooking dinner, our chefs are ready to prepare your dish for you à la minute. From luxury salads and delicious starters to freshly prepared meat and fish specialities. For a flat rate, you can dine out and have unlimited choice from numerous dishes freshly prepared in the open kitchen. It is always wise to contact the specific establishment in advance to find out the exact prices!