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Van der Valk Hotel Beveren is located less than half an hour's drive from the large and beautiful city centre of Antwerp. See and discover Beveren itself and the surrounding small villages and large cities such as Sint Niklaas.

With an overnight stay at Van der Valk Hotel Beveren you can enjoy yourself. The hotel is the perfect base for exploring. Discover the natural surroundings or relax in the hotel in the luxurious hotel rooms. You can also use the hotel's wellness and fitness facilities.

Hotel facilities

Van der Valk Hotel Beveren has various free facilities that are suitable for both hotel guests and non-hotel guests. For example: you can enjoy the sun on the terrace or go for a swim in the pool. Discover the modern wellness centre and the luxurious fitness facilities of the hotel. The hotel is accessible by car. If you come by electric car, you can charge it at one of the charging points.


Explore the rich environment

Van der Valk Hotel Beveren has a green environment. Discover the landscapes. For example, rent a bicycle and take a trip through fields, castles and small villages. You will be amazed at the oasis with all the beautiful greenery. Go out together and discover the beautiful nature of the area.

You can also discover the large tourist city of Antwerp. Get lost in the small streets, look at nice shops and enjoy a snack and drink in a restaurant. Antwerp is a city full of culture, fashion, history and tourist attractions.

Throughout the year there are various activities that take place in the hotel. For example, Live Cooking or fun workshops. Check out the options at Van der Valk Hotel Beveren and hopefully we will welcome you soon!

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24hrs, 7 days a week available +32 3 775 86 23+32 3 775 86 23 (Local costs)

Hotel Beveren

Gentseweg 280
Beveren-Waas Beveren

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