Toucan Promo Weeks

Unfortunately, there are currently no Toucan Promo Weeks at Van der Valk. The next edition is in March. If you want to know exactly when the next Toucan Promo Weeks start, sign up for the newsletter. You will also receive a super deal every Monday for a specific Van der Valk hotel.

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What are the Toucan Promo Weeks?

4 times a year, Van der Valk hotels display their lowest prices. You can then book for the lowest rate for two weeks. You always get a room with breakfast for a fixed amount, the exact amount varies per hotel.

Why so much discount?

Every hotel would like to know as early as possible which guests they can welcome. That is why you get an extra high discount when you book earlier. During the Toucan Promo Weeks you will find the lowest possible rate for each participating hotel. If you see a lower rate somewhere, you will immediately get the difference back!

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