Lunchbuffet at Van der Valk

Are you planning a nice lunch out soon, but don't know where yet? Why not consider the extensive lunchbuffet at Van der Valk? Our lunchbuffets offer an extensive selection, ranging from delicious vegetarian options to tasty egg dishes and warm dishes. You can choose between a classic Van der Valk dish or a seasonal or local dish. Are you curious about the menu of the Van der Valk restaurant near you? You can do so via the button below or on the website of the relevant hotel.

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What does a lunchbuffet at Van der Valk consist of?

At Van der Valk, you can enjoy a luxury lunchbuffet with various warm and cold dishes in the afternoon. Our various lunchbuffets consist of freshly baked rolls, luxury cold meats, fresh (fruit) salads and plenty more. In addition, the lunchbuffet features an extensive choice of vegetarian options. Do you prefer to choose your favourite dishes from the menu? Of course, it is also possible to have lunch à la carte.

What does a lunchbuffet at Van der Valk cost?

The cost of a lunchbuffet can depend on the specific hotel and region. At Van der Valk, we aim for excellent value for money and our packages usually include a wide range of dishes and drinks. In addition to our lunchbuffets, we also offer delicious Sunday brunches. For the most current pricing information and any offers, we recommend you visit the website of the specific Van der Valk hotel of your choice

Live Cooking on weekends and holidays

At Van der Valk, we have an option for everyone. Discover our culinary options, including our Live Cooking restaurant in many of our hotels. Our talented chefs prepare à la minute dishes to your wishes in the open kitchen, with the highlight being an extensive dessert buffet. For families with children, we offer special World Eaters children's menus with national and international dishes.


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