A2 Roadside restaurant

Are you travelling along the A2 motorway and looking for a cosy place to eat or are you looking for a place to hold a meeting? Then discover a roadside restaurant along the A2 from Van der Valk! Our restaurants along the A2 offer an excellent stopover for travellers of all types, with delicious food and warm hospitality and various facilities for every occasion.

Van der Valk Restaurant A2

Van der Valk is known for its culinary delights, and our roadside restaurants along the A2 are no exception. Enjoy an extensive menu full of tasty dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. Whether you feel like a quick bite or an elaborate lunch or dinner, our restaurants on the A2 have something for everyone.

Our Van der Valk roadside restaurants along the A2 are strategically located, making them the perfect stopover for your journey. Refuel before continuing your journey. Whether you are on your way to your holiday destination or have a business meeting, our A2 motorway restaurants are the ideal place to relax and enjoy a tasty break.

Meetings on the A2

Do you want a meeting on the A2, a strategic location with all the necessary facilities within easy reach? At Van der Valk, we offer the ideal solution. Our Van der Valk hotels along the A2 have modern meeting rooms that are perfect for productive meetings. Whether you are on your way to a business meeting or making a stopover during your trip, our meeting facilities offer everything you need for a successful meeting or for easy flexi-working.

Combine your meeting with a culinary experience in our roadside restaurant on the A2 motorway. After a successful meeting, enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant, where you will be pampered with tasty dishes and high-level hospitality.

Spend the night at Van der Valk along the A2 motorway

Would you like to make your stopover even more enjoyable? Then spend the night at one of our Van der Valk hotels along the A2 motorway. Start your day rested with a full breakfast in an A2 motorway restaurant before continuing your journey.

So are you looking for an A2 motorway restaurant? Then stop by one of the Van der Valk hotels. Check out the hotels located along the A2 below.

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