Get a Van der Valk bed easily in your home

Do you also long for the wonderful night's sleep you had during your last stay at Van der Valk? Do you remember almost missing breakfast because you were so comfortable in bed and wanted to stay just a little bit longer? Good news! You no longer have to long for it, because you can now easily bring a Van der Valk bed into your home.

Resting comfortably in a Van der Valk bed 

With Valk Store, it's now possible to bring the ultimate Van der Valk sleeping comfort to your home and transform your bedroom into a luxurious Van der Valk suite. A Van der Valk bed almost guarantees a deep and relaxing night's sleep. With our beds, going to bed becomes a highlight of the day.

High-quality materials

At Valk Store, you can choose to have your box spring upholstered with the exclusive Bergamo fabric or the durable and easy-to-maintain Skaileer Madryt fabric. Both materials are available in a range of colors, so you can customize your Van der Valk bed to your own taste. Whether you go for an elegant neutral color or a bold hue, there is always a color that fits your interior. Furthermore, you can be assured of high quality and long-lasting durability, regardless of the material and color you choose. This way, you can enjoy your comfortable and stylish box spring for many years to come.

You can choose from the following colors: beige, white, light grey, light grey taupe (Skaileer Madryt fabric only), anthracite, dark anthracite, dark blue (leather only), and black.

Complete your Van der Valk bed

The complete Van der Valk sleep experience doesn't just stop at a bed. A good night's sleep requires not only a comfortable bed, but also a pillow that provides good support. That's why Valk Store offers a wide selection of Van der Valk pillows that meet your needs and preferences. In addition to a good pillow, a high-quality duvet is essential. And for the best quality and comfort, you can rely on Van der Valk duvets. Our range also includes a wide choice of different types of Van der Valk bed linen, including duvet covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets, and mattress protectors.