Yes, I do! - Celebrating your wedding at Van der Valk

According to many married people, your wedding is one of the best days of your life. Saying 'yes' to your beloved in front of your loved ones and celebrating and toasting your happiness together. It is a day you will look back on often. Of course, on your wedding day, you want everything to go perfectly. Beforehand, a lot of choices await the bride and groom-to-be. You have to make many decisions yourself, but the professionals at Van der Valk can help you choose what suits you best and take much of the organisation off your hands. In every Van der Valk hotel it is possible to have the reception, drinks, dinner and/or party. Moreover, some hotels are official wedding locations, allowing the registrar to hold the ceremony in the hotel. Then the whole wedding day is under one roof or, weather permitting, in the hotel garden.


Every couple, and therefore every wedding, is unique. Everyone has their own wishes, so our experienced staff enthusiastically tailor-make a wedding day. Sales manager Lianne van Laar of Hotel Veenendaal is such a professional who does everything to give brides and grooms the day of their lives. According to her, personal attention is the first step in that. "When we receive a request and we have availability for that desired day, we invite the engaged couple to discuss their wishes. In doing so, we think carefully with them. How do they envisage their most beautiful day? What can we take care of for them? We then show them the party rooms and all the possibilities within the hotel and hear directly what their preferences are. This allows us to immediately make a complete proposal. The big advantage is that we can offer a unique wedding concept: getting married in the hotel, because we are an official wedding location, lunch, dinner and a smashing party, ending with an overnight stay in our bridal suite for the bride and groom. This concept is what makes getting married at a Van der Valk hotel so unique."

Special requests

When you get married, a lot comes your way. "Above all, it should be a beautiful day, without you having to worry about whether everything is well organised," says Lianne. "Moreover, in order for the day to run smoothly, the right schedule is essential. A ceremony or a dinner may run slightly late and rushing is the last thing you want. Based on our experience, we can give good advice in this regard. A lot is also possible in terms of catering and decoration, so we go through all the options in detail. After all, the bride and groom-to-be often already have an idea of what the party should look like, but they have not yet thought about the choice of cake and decoration. This is where we like to go the extra mile. The possibilities are endless." When she thinks about a bride and groom's most unusual request, she has to laugh. "Quite honestly? Actually, nothing is too crazy for us! Whether they want a singer, magician or special cocktails that day; it will be arranged. For example, there was once a buxom couple who loved sushi. In consultation with the master of ceremonies, we created a sushi bar in the venue as a surprise where sushi was prepared live by our chefs. These additions made the wedding day even more special. Much more is possible at Van der Valk than is often thought in advance. We are happy to dedicate ourselves to making your day unforgettable!"


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