Are you looking for a hotel in august?

August is the ideal month to go out for a trip. Long summer days during which you can enjoy the surroundings. Whether you would like to go out to cycle or go to the beach, Van der Valk offers you hotels in august throughout the whole country, which will be the perfect place for you to stay during the summer.  

Cheap holiday in August 

Are looking for a affordable holiday in august? On this page you will find the nice Van der Valk offers for August. Van der Valk has hotels in the Benelux and Germany, but also at tropical place like Spain, France, and the Dutch Antilles. You could explore the places close to home, but you could also celebrate you holiday far away! 

Enjoy a weekend getaway in August 

The month August is also perfect to create the ultimate holiday feeling during your weekend off. Book a hotel for 1 or 2 nights to create that feeling. Enjoy the Dutch beaches and take a dive into the sea, eat some ice cream, or go for a drink on the terrace for some refreshment. You can also find some refreshment in the hotel itself. All rooms include air conditioning, and some hotels have swimming pools. Are you in for a spontaneous weekend getaway? Check out all or offers last minute in August. This way you can go on an affordable trip last minute! 

Van der Valk is for everyone. With hotels spread across Europe and the Dutch Antilles you can choose in which country you want to stay and which hotel suites your wishes best. This way, a trip in august will be the best way to end your summer!