Hotel in December

Celebrate the most fun month or the year at Van der Valk. Together with your partner or family you will enjoy an unforgettable stay during this month full of festivities. In December you can celebrate the most fun holidays our hotels, such as Sinterklaas, Christmas, and New year’s eve. Choose for a fully arranged package, or enjoy a lovely dinner in the restaurant. Are you celebrating the holidays at Van der Valk? Check out our offers in December of your favourite Van der Valk hotel! 

Are you looking for one overnight stay or are a long weekend getaway in December? Stay at one of the Van der Valk hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany. You can book the best offers at Valk Verrast. This way you will enjoy the most affordable stay, including a lovely Van der Valk breakfast. As a hotel guest you can enjoy all our facilities for free, which include the wellness, fitness, and sometimes a pool. In addition to that, you can enjoy our seasonal dishes and Van der Valk classics in the restaurants, but you could also choose for the Live Cooking buffet. Check out all our possibilities and facilities in December at Van der Valk. 

Are you looking for some warmth during the cold winter months? Book an affordable sunny holiday in December at our Van der Valk hotels in Bonaire and Curacao. These hotels will offer everything you need to have comfortable stay. Go for a swim in the pool, or spend the day at the beach. Because of the lovely white beaches and the tropical temperatures, you will fully recharge yourself during winter.