In for an overnight stay in January?

Start the year right with one of the Van der Valk deals! January is the ideal month to take a break! For instance you could go out for a walk or cycle around through the forests and nature reserves during your stay or enjoy the wellness of the hotel. The month January also leans for visiting fun and educational museums near the hotel. 

Affordable holiday in January 

 Are you looking for a hotel with an affordable price? At Valk Verrast you can find well priced offers in January. Van der Valk has hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Germany, but also at tropical places like Spain and the Dutch Antilles. This way you can choose between warm temperatures or stay close by home. 

Going out for the weekend in January 

The month January is also suitable for a weekend getaway. Book a hotel for 1 or 2 nights and do something fun! Enjoy the forests or visit a museum to fill your day. Preferring to stay at the hotel? Most Van der Valk hotels have the perfect location to do a fun activity near the hotel. Visit one of the old villages or big cities near the hotel. Explore the culture, nature or walk through the nice shopping streets. In for a weekend getaway? Check out the last-minute deals in January for an affordable overnight stay or weekend getaway! 

Van der Valk is suitable for everyone, with hotels in Europe and the Dutch Antilles you can choose between many hotels to find what suits you best! Start the year well by staying at a Van der Valk hotel in January!