Stay in a hotel in June

Are you going to enjoy summer and spring at Van der Valk in June? Book a stay at one of our luxurious hotels during these sunny days. The hotels offer several packages, such as a Mid Summer package and a 3=2 deal. With this 3=2 deal you will stay for 3 night and only pay for 2! Go for walk or cycle tour in the surroundings of the hotel. Are you planning to stay at Van der Valk? Take a look at the offers of your favourite Van der Valk hotel in June. 

Do you want to go out for a nice trip just before summer starts? Enjoy an overnight stay, weekend, or a whole week away. At Van der Valk you can enjoy a stay in the Netherlands, but also in several countries abroad. Are you in for a sunny holiday in June? You could fly to the Caribbean and stay in one of our hotels. Furthermore, you could go to Belgium, France, Spain, and Germany. In each of these countries there are enough activities you could do throughout your whole stay. Explore all our options during you stay in June at Van der Valk.  

In case you want to enjoy some time with your kids, you could go away for the weekend, or just one overnight stay in June. At Van der Valk you can easily combine a stay with some fun activities. Explore the nature together. Go to the Efteling to enjoy some excitement and adrenaline. Your kids will have the best time including yourself. Furthermore, you could also go to the zoo with your kids. After a day of activities, you can enjoy some good food in the restaurant. The Timo Toekan kids menu is available for the little ones. There are enough dishes to choose from for the parents as well as the kids. Take a look at all the offers in June at one our hotels! 

Go out for a fun trip during these sunny days at Van der Valk!