Book a hotel in March

Stay at a Van der Valk hotel in March! Enjoy your stay with your partner, friends or family by doing fun activities or just by relaxing. Enjoy yourself during Spring and go out for a walk on the beach or explore the forest by cycling through them, and end the day by staying in a Van der Valk hotel. For instance you could choose for a fully arranged package or have dinner in the restaurant. Stay at Van der Valk during these lovely Spring days and check out the offers of your favourite hotel in March. 

Would you like to stay at a hotel for one night or the whole weekend? Stay at one of the hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or France. You can enjoy from several types of offers in March, such as the 3=2 deal. In case of the 3=2 deal, you will stay at the hotel for 3 nights and only paying for 2. As a guest you can make use of the hotel facilities that are offered. In addition to that, you could also go the restaurant and enjoy a lovely dinner. 

Are you looking for a holiday in the sun in march? In that case, you could go to Van der Valk in the Caribbean. There you will enjoy the warm climate and lay besides the water to enjoy the sun. This will give you the ultimate holiday feeling!