The gem of the south, upon entering the hotellobby it immediately becomes clear why Van der Valk hotel Uden-Veghel feels like a cozy boutique hotel furnished with warm, luxurious materials. Even before all the details get through to you, a friendly Brabant voice can be heard, with which “the journey” through this hotel can begin.


Not only the hotel, but also the surroundings are very impressive. The hotel is adjacent to De Maashorst nature reserve, where special animal species such as the Tauros, Wisent and Exmoor pony can be found. A day of strolling or cycling through the Maashorst can provide just as special experiences as an adventurous safari abroad.

Are you looking for the dynamics of the city? Or do you want to fill in several days? Then a city trip should not be missed. The cities of Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Nijmegen can each be reached within 30 minutes by car. Each city has its own charm, Eindhoven is a real designer city where a trip to the new Strijp-S is worth a visit. A huge contrast with the atmosphere In Den Bosch, where the narrow alleys and inland waterways have an idyllic appearance while in Nijmegen you are transported to the rough stories of the Second World War or, on the contrary, find peace and quiet in the land of Maas & Waal.

Out and about


Enjoy Burgundian delights in Uden, varying from a low budget BBQ-restaurant to a star restaurant and everything in between. Restaurant Koosie is located inside the hotel and is known for its excellent price-quality ratio. The chef’s team knows how to put together a surprising menu every season that includes both traditional Valk dishes and the latest (vegan) flavor combinations.


A visit to the beautiful Skybar should not be missed, this bar offers all the ingredients for a relaxed evening. Special (vegan) snacks, beautiful wines and delicious cocktails. The comfortable seats invite you to lean back and enjoy the panoramic view.


24hrs, 7 days a week available +31 413 79 90 10+31 413 79 90 10 (Local costs)

Hotel Uden - Veghel

Rondweg 2
5406 NK Uden

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