Experience the best adventures in Madurodam!

Experience the best adventures in Madurodam! Save the Netherlands from an imminent flood, climb and scramble through interpretations by Dutch Masters and defeat the Water Wolf. There is so much to do. You have to experience it!

Start your journey through the Netherlands at our life-size plane The Flying Dutchman. Have you reached your destination? On to the DJ table, where you'll show off your new bangers to the Madurodammers. Hey, wait a minute. Is Rotterdam harbour on fire! The fireboats and rescue team need a captain. That's you! Quick, put out the fires!

Have fun, outside and inside!

You'll run from one wonderment to another. The ferocious Water Wolf can only be defeated by turning the wheels of the world's largest steam engine! And these are just two of the six indoor attractions where you can let off steam. Of course, you can also romp around outside: slide and scramble through the playgrounds. And immediately check how many cheeses you weigh. Bet you can't lift three cheeses.

Rain shower? Discover the 6 indoor attractions!

Madurodam also has plenty to do indoors. Great for when it rains a bit. Our life-size and covered attractions will keep you dry! Don't forget to relax in one of our restaurants. Enjoy a nice cup of tea and cake, a homemade soup or a luxury sandwich.

And a final word of warning: our new indoor attraction The Dutch Masters will blow your mind! So jump into the star ball pit under the Starry Night or dance among Leyster's tulips. Or do it all differently. It's up to you! Madurodam. A must-see!

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