Go for lovely walks and explore the surroundings!

Feel like going out for the weekend? Go hiking in the surroundings of a Van der Valk hotel! Combine this with an inexpensive and luxurious overnight stay and let yourself be pampered. Discover the beautiful Netherlands in the fresh air. Before you set off, enjoy the extensive and luxurious breakfast buffet offered by Van der Valk. Then start the day with fresh courage and full of energy with a nice walk! You can also choose to settle down in our restaurants after your discovery of nature/city. But above all, enjoy the weather, enjoy your company and enjoy the surroundings!

Different walking routes

Are you a walking enthusiast and would you like to discover new areas in the Netherlands or outside the Netherlands? You will receive a delicious breakfast, packed lunch to go, 3-course dinner and various walking routes to explore. Would you rather map out your own walking routes? Of course that is possible, this way you will also get to know nature in an active way and you will walk your ideal walking route. 

The Netherlands is also a beautiful country for cycling 

Did you know that in addition to walking, there are also beautiful cycling routes? And do you like a challenge? A popular cycling route is the route along the Maas. The maas is, among other things, a fantastic route of exactly 250 kilometers. You could start at the southern most point in Eijsden, or you could start somewhere halfway along the Maas and cycle towards Hollands Diep. The great thing is that all Van der Valk hotels offer a variety of bicycles to honor our beautiful cycling country and offer you the chance to discover the area "faster" than by foot. 

In short, explore the area in your own way, on foot or by bike and let yourself be pampered at a Van der Valk hotel in the vicinity. Enjoy the beautiful weather and discover the beautiful Netherlands! 

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