The best Van der Valk Gifts

Everyone occasionally finds themselves in a situation where they don't know what to buy for someone else. Fortunately, for such moments, the coolest Van der Valk gifts are available in the Valk Store. Super cute trinkets are available here to give away, or of course, you can also treat yourself. One thing is certain, for an original gift, you've come to the right place at Valk Store.

Van der Valk Gifts for young and old

No matter who you're looking for a gift for, Van der Valk gifts are for everyone.

Van der Valk Giftcard

A Van der Valk Giftcard is the ideal gift to give to your loved one. With the Van der Valk Giftcard, you have the opportunity to pay at all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants. The gift card can be used both physically and online!

Van der Valk Socks

What's more fun than one pair of socks with toucans on them? That's right, two pairs of socks with toucans on them! That's why the Van der Valk Socks set comes with two pairs of socks, each with cute toucan prints on them.

Van der Valk Giftbox

Do you know someone who couldn't stop talking about the wonderful hand soap and lotion from Van der Valk? Then the Giftbox Hand Soap & Lotion Comfort and Giftbox Hand Soap & Lotion Suite are the perfect gifts!

Van der Valk Puzzle

For puzzle fans, the Van der Valk puzzle is the perfect gift. In collaboration with the iconic Jan van Haasteren, a fun and funny puzzle has been designed, which is a great addition to any puzzle collection.

Timo Toucan Plush and Backpack

Timo Toucan has been the face of the children's menus in our hotels for years, and it's understandable that your child wants to take him everywhere. Now that's possible with the Timo Toucan Plush and Backpack.

Golden Toucan Figurine

Perhaps you've seen this figurine in one of the rooms, meeting rooms, or one of our restaurants. The figurine is an ideal accessory for your home or home office. The Golden Toucan Figurine is a highly sought after item and is now available in the Valk Store.