Enjoy a hotel stay in May

At Van der Valk it is easy to book a hotel in May to celebrate Spring. Temperatures are rising, which is the perfect reason to explore the surroundings of the hotel. You could choose for a weekend full of activities such as going for a walk or cycling around. Are you looking for a cheap mini-holiday? Book a 3=2 deal, which means 3 nights for the price of 2 nights! Ideal for doing fun activities near the hotel. For instance, you could go for a city trip or visit several cultural places. Are you in for a trip with the whole family? In that case, a Van der Valk hotel is the perfect place for an overnight stay are whole weekend. You could visit an amusement park where you spent the day with your kids. Several hotels offer a pool where you could go for a swim with the kids. All in all, at Van der Valk there is enough to do for the kids and parents.  

A sonny holiday in May 

Are you looking for a sonny holiday in May? At Van der Valk there are a lot of hotels you can choose from, located in the Benelux, Germany, Spain, Frans, or at the Dutch Antilles. You could easily choose for a holiday close to home, but also somewhere abroad! A sonny holiday is guaranteed when choosing for a holiday at the Dutch Antilles. In Bonaire as well as in Curacao you can relax on the beach.  

Enjoy the offer in May at Van der Valk 

Are you in for a spontaneous weekend getaway in May? Check out all the offers and last minutes at Van der Valk on the next page. This way you enjoy an affordable stay last minute! Visit you favourite Van der Valk hotel and enjoy Spring.