Weekend away with the men

Would you like to go away for a weekend with a group of friends? To take a break with only men? You can easily combine an overnight stay at Van der Valk with various activities around the hotels. For example, enjoy a mountain bike ride, drive a buggy or take a long walk. A relatively short travel time to your destination is ideal for optimal enjoyment. In the Netherlands, you have a wide choice to book a Van der Valk hotel according to all your wishes. Would you rather cross the border? No problem. Van der Valk also has hotels abroad that are easily accessible, such as Belgium and Germany. For example, play golf in Germany or opt for a city trip in Belgium. In short, for a weekend away with men you can easily go to the Van der Valk hotels.

Cities and nature

A weekend away with your friends provides the best memories! At Van der Valk you have plenty of opportunities to go out with a small or large group of men. Do you prefer a relaxing weekend away or are you looking for a more active weekend? You can go both ways at Van der Valk. Look for nice cities near the hotels or go out into nature. For example, go south for a Burgundian experience or opt for outdoor adventures. Take a bike ride or walk through the beautiful flora of the Netherlands. Would you rather relax? Then opt for a wellness day at the hotel or a pleasant day at the beach with friends. At Van der Valk you have plenty of choice for a weekend away with friends, whether you opt for an active or relaxing weekend. Of course, you can also choose to combine nature with a city trip.