Prolong your summer with After summer deals

To end the summer season, the Van der Valk hotels offer you the After Summer deals.The perfect reason to go away for the weekend in you favourite Van der Valk hotel. You are able to book the After Summer deals from the 8th till the 21st of September 2021. 

Enjoy the last sunbeams and do the things you didn’t do yet during the summer. For instance, go for a bike ride or walk in one of the nature reserves, or explore the cities nearby. 

Are you already thinking of the autumn? Then the Van der Valk autumn package is perfect for you. Enjoy a fully arranged stay in comfortable hotel room including breakfast, and last but not least, a culinary diner. 


Cycle & walking routes 

 Cycling and walking are wonderful things to do to explore the culture and nature. At many Van der Valk hotel these activities are offered. Many of our hotels offer (electric) bicycles, but of course you can also bring your own. Do you prefer to explore the nature on foot? Many of our hotels offer special walking routes. 


Culinary enjoyment 

 Many Van der Valk hotels offer seasonal dishes, so you can taste the most fresh products and produce. When the autumn starts the Van der Valk hotels also have new menu’s relating to the season. The chefs create the most wonderful dishes with fresh and seasonal products. Apart from the seasonal dishes, you can still enjoy the classics from Van der Valk. This way the perfect balance is created. 


In case you have a Valk Loyal account, you can save €2,50 p.p. on you whole stay when you book with your Valk Account. 

1 night
2 or more nights


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